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A/C Tune-Ups: Save Energy in PA & Increase Home Comfort

Spring is a pleasant season in the Northwest Philadelphia and Montgomery County area, but with the flowers and raindrops come unpredictable temperatures. You may need your air conditioner sooner than you think; it’s smart to book a tune-up before the summer weather hits. Learn why scheduling annual A/C maintenance or enrolling in a maintenance plan is the best decision for PA homeowners.

Benefits of a Pennsylvania A/C Tune-Up

Save on Cooling Equipment Costs

  1. Cut Energy Costs
    Our highly trained service technicians will boost your air conditioner’s efficiency whenever possible. With boosted A/C efficiency, you’ll notice savings on your electricity bills all summer.
  2. Save on Repairs
    Air conditioning tune-ups catch small issues before they develop into massive problems. Skip expensive A/C repairs this year by preventing them with a tune-up. Your wallet will thank you!
  3. Prolong Equipment Life
    Annually maintained cooling systems last longer than those that are left to fend for themselves. Book your spring tune-up to prolong the time before you’ll need an A/C replacement.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

  1. Catch Pollutants with Clean Filters
    During your tune-up, our technician will clean or replace filters in your air conditioner. This will allow the filter to catch more particles that are polluting the air in your home.
  2. Protect Your Home from Humidity
    An abundance of humidity can warp the wood in your home, including floors, doors, and furniture. The better your A/C works, the more humidity it will remove from the air.
  3. Keep Your Family Healthy
    Humidity control will also safeguard the health of your family. Moisture and heat allow mold to collect in your home. A simple A/C tune-up can keep your indoor air safe and healthy.

Increase Home Comfort

  1. Stay Safe through Heat Waves
    Ensure your family has a safe, cool place to return home to after a day out in the Pennsylvania sun with an A/C tune-up. Rely on your equipment to keep running effectively all summer long.
  2. Make Your Home More Comfortable
    Chances are, your family is home most often during the summer season. Prepare ahead of time for the extra body heat and activity by making sure your air conditioner is up to the challenge.
  3. Skip the Stress of Emergency Service
    While we provide 24/7 emergency service, an air conditioner breakdown isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. Skip the stress and reduce the risk by booking your A/C tune-up before summer.

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