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Pennsylvania Heating Oil Delivery Bills, Simplified

Take control of your heating bills with a budget plan from the oil experts at Dwyer. Home heating oil payment plans are now available for the 2020–2021 season! With our budget plans for Pennsylvania oil heat customers, you can add predictability to your heating bills for next season. Dwyer offers annual budget plans that are customized specifically for your PA home and family’s comfort and home heating and energy usage.

Budget Plan Frequently Asked Questions

How does a budget plan work?
Our 12-month budget plan spreads your annual home heating bills out into 12 monthly increments, preventing you from having high bills during the holiday months.

How is my monthly payment decided?
We’ve got this down to a science—we’ll take a look at your average annual fuel usage, the preseason price per gallon, and the average temperatures expected for the winter. This allows us to calculate a total estimated fuel cost for the winter, which is divided into 12 small monthly increments. These are billed each month, and you enjoy convenient oil deliveries when you need them.

What if I need more fuel oil than the original estimate?

No worries! We’re here to keep you safe and warm no matter what. If you go over your estimated annual usage, you are simply billed at prevailing rates for the additional gallons.

What if I don’t use as much fuel as the original estimate?

In this best-case scenario, your extra fuel purchased will be credited to your customer account and delivered without charge the next time you need home heating oil.

What are the benefits of a heating oil budget plan?

At Dwyer, our budget plans provide security, convenience, and peace of mind. You know exactly how much your fuel oil bills are going to be each month, you get oil delivered automatically, and there’s no stress of high winter heating bills.

Sign Up for a Budget Plan this Year

Take control of your Pennsylvania home heating oil costs this season! Contact Dwyer to sign up for a home heating oil budget plan today and enjoy your winter fuel deliveries like never before. Click here to sign up for a fuel oil budget plan today!