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Common Misconceptions about Automatic Fuel Delivery in PA

Winter weather is coming to Pennsylvania, there’s no doubt about that. Skip the stress of scrambling to order heating oil when the forecast predicts below-zero temperatures or heavy snowfall. There’s a simple way to heat your home: automatic oil delivery from Dwyer.

Automatic Delivery: True or False?

If you haven’t signed up for automatic oil delivery yet, we know you have some reasons why. Many homeowners share common misconceptions about automatic delivery that give the service a bad rap. Read on to get the facts about automatic oil delivery before you decide against it.

True or False? I will receive fuel deliveries (and pay for them) before I actually need fuel.

False! When you enroll in Dwyer’s automatic oil delivery service, we create a custom delivery schedule. We closely track your fuel usage and monitor other factors, like weather and the size of your home, to accurately estimate when you need an oil delivery. Automatic deliveries might seem like they are made too soon, but it is important that your tank is filled when your tank gauge says ¼ or more to avoid runouts.

True or False? Automatic oil delivery helps lower the risk of running out of fuel.

True! Running out of heating oil is an unnecessary problem that can put your family at risk. Running out of oil can damage your fuel oil tank and your heating equipment, and can even cause your pipes to freeze or burst. Automatic delivery is the best way to avoid all of that.

True or false? Automatic delivery isn’t actually more convenient than will-call delivery.

False! Our automatic oil delivery is designed to make life easier. When you sign up for automatic oil delivery you take two big things off of your winter to-do list for good: checking your fuel tank and remembering to order oil.

True or false? Automatic delivery costs more than will-call delivery.

False! Automatic delivery from Dwyer is available at no extra cost. Automatic oil deliveries are made at the same daily price per gallon as will-call deliveries. So, you’re getting the same exact price with the bonus of more convenience and extra savings by preventing runouts.

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Learn More about Dwyer Oil’s Automatic Oil Delivery in Pennsylvania

So, now that you have the facts, what do you think? Contact Dwyer to sign up for automatic heating oil delivery this winter or to inquire about the details of this blog post. Our customer service team is always happy to help!