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A Breath of Fresh Air: Tips from Dwyer Oil

We tend to think of air pollution as a concern for the outdoors, but most of the air we breathe is indoors! Protect the health of your family by following these easy tips:

Change your AC filters. Dirty filters cause your air conditioning system to work overtime. It uses more energy to achieve the same amount of cooling. Dwyer air conditioner maintenance plans include filter changes. Call us today to ensure you’re on the maintenance plan. 

Increase ventilation. Open up those windows and invite the fresh air inside! Use window fans, and kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans to increase the air circulation in your home as well.

Vacuum weekly. Carpet release harmful chemicals due to the padding, the glue, and the carpet fibers themselves. These chemicals pollute the air in your home, so vacuum your carpets every week, and have them deep-cleaned each season.

Throw away air fresheners. Although we buy them to fill our homes with clean-smelling air, air fresheners actually release pollutants into your home. Get rid of them to start breathing clean air.

• Install an air purifying system. These systems remove odors and many can clean up to 97% of the air moving through your home. Air purifying systems help allergy sufferers, those with asthma, and households with pets.

This spring, don’t take your air for granted. Contact us today for your air conditioning repair and air purifying needs at 215-248-4300.