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Get Connected: Your Guide to Wi-Fi Thermostats

Homeowners today can take advantage of a wide range of high-tech property enhancements—from remote-controlled window blinds to “smart” kitchen appliances. Not only do these products make everyday life simpler and more convenient; they can add substantial value to your property.

When it comes to your home energy equipment, incorporating computerized devices can also save you hundreds of dollars each year.

Meet your new home heating and cooling sidekick: the Wi-Fi thermostat.

What is a Wi-Fi thermostat?
This technology allows you to remotely monitor and manage your home’s temperature and energy usage from anywhere at any time.
wifi-thermostatHow does it work?
Using a computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access, you can seamlessly view and change your heating and cooling system settings while away from your home.
What are the benefits?
In addition to the convenience of full accessibility 24/7 from anyplace, adding a Wi-Fi thermostat to your home has significant perks. For a small investment, you’ll increase your property value, achieve better home comfort all year long, and avoid unnecessary energy use to lower your heating and cooling bills.
Which brand is best?
We recommend and proudly install Honeywell® programmable thermostats. Choose among several models to determine the best fit for your comfort and lifestyle. Check out Honeywell’s product options here.
How can I add this technology to my home?
We can take care of your complete installation quickly and professionally. One of our trained technicians will connect your new device to your home’s internet. Once the connection is established, you will have the ability to have instant remote access by downloading the Honeywell’s Total Connect Comfort App on your phone.
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