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Don’t Make These Mistakes with Your A/C This Summer

Whether your A/C is central or ductless, you know you’ll need an efficient air conditioner for those Pennsylvania summers. A properly performing A/C is key to keeping a cool and comfortable home. Make sure your A/C is performing in top-notch condition this season by following our recommendations for tune-ups, filters, thermostats, and insulation. Many people make the mistake of not changing air filters or not having annual maintenance from a local HVAC expert, and it costs them down the road.
Broken Air Conditioner

Take Care of Your A/C

Follow our recommendations and don’t make these mistakes with your A/C system:

Not Changing Your Air Filter: You don’t want to have to worry about the quality of your indoor air, but indoor air is, on average, 7–10 times more polluted than outdoor air according to the EPA. Dwyer Oil Dynamic Air Filters help eliminate the particle overload other air filters get.

Not Scheduling Seasonal A/C Maintenance: Your cooling system needs yearly maintenance from an HVAC professional. Having a professional tune-up for your system saves you on summer cooling costs, increases your system’s operating efficiency, and prolongs the longevity of your A/C. Air conditioning tune-ups keep your A/C in tip-top shape, also improving your air quality.

Not Using a Programmable Thermostat: Get a Wi-Fi thermostat from Dwyer Oil for the convenience of 24/7 accessibility from anyplace. You can monitor and manage your home’s temperature and energy usage from anywhere, anytime. With this little investment, you can save big on avoiding unnecessary energy costs.

Not Insulating: Use curtains and blinds to keep unwanted heat out of rooms. Just like heat can leak out of your house in the winter, it can leak in during the summer. Curtains, blinds, drapes, as well as sealing any cracks with caulk, keep the heat out and help you save on your electric bill.

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