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Dwyer Oil: Convenient, Secure Service Year-Round

Life can get overwhelming; we all know it. Don’t let your home comfort be a part of your struggles.

We at Dwyer know better than most how overwhelming keeping up with your home can be which is why we provide our customers with convenient ways to handle their home comforts. We have developed secure, instantaneous service to aid in all of your needs throughout your home.

Our website comes complete. What’s the point of having a website if you can’t be interactive with the customers that use it? We designed our site so that if you need us, you can call on us with the click of a button. And of course, these services are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Pay Bill. We have secured sites so that information that you enter isn’t shared, stolen, or tampered with, making paying your bills online not only easy but safe. Breathe easier knowing that you can jump on your account, review history, and make payments instantaneously.

Order Oil. We know that we live in a technological age. Why worry about making that phone call during work hours when you can do it at your leisure from the comfort of your own computer. Fill out a simple form. We will confirm your order, then deliver to your door. No muss, no fuss.

Request Service. The value of annual maintenance for your heating system is priceless; it increases the lifespan of your equipment, improves efficiency, and saves money on fuel. Need an upgrade? We do that, too! Now, with the click of the mouse and a stroke of a key, you can have one of our certified technicians come to your door. No phone needed.

Contact. Email has been around for years now, but why bother opening up your email account if you want to get a hold of us? Stay on our site and contact us easily using our contact form. Fill in our form and let us know what you are thinking. It’s the same idea as your email without the hassle of signing into your account.

E-Newsletter. An informed customer is a happy customer and we at Dwyer are more than willing to let you know all of the industry secrets. Keep informed and make smart decisions when you enroll in our newsletter. Did we mention you can access it easily online? Knowledge at your fingertips.

So get with the 21st century and join us with all of our online offerings. With up-to-the-minute offerings, why wouldn’t you want to stay in the know? Dwyer provides safe, secure, and instantaneous assistance and service for all of our customers. It’s easy, it’s up-to-date, and it’s one less thing for you to worry about. Find out what you’ve been missing today!

If you have any questions concerning our various options, please feel free to contact us by clicking here (see how easy that was?).