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Prepare for the Fast-Approaching Heating Season

Summer is in full swing, and fall is just around the corner! Stay ahead of the season by filling your oil tank now, while prices are low and benefits are plentiful. Read more to learn about the many benefits to filling your oil tank during the summer season.

Take Advantage of Preseason Pricing

Fuel oil prices will rise as cold weather approaches! Filling your tank now not only saves you money on the same premium fuel oil your neighbors will order in December, but also keeps you safe and gives you the added peace of mind that you will be warm and ready when that first streak of cold weather hits.

Prevent Moisture Buildup and Corrosion in Your Tank

Condensation causes corrosion, which can ruin your oil tank and cause irreversible damage, requiring a tank replacement. The easy remedy is to fill your tank during the summer, because a full tank provides less room for condensation and rust to build.

Protect Your Property

Not only does deterioration of your oil tank mean you’ll likely need a replacement in the near future; it can also lead to unexpected oil leaks, causing damage to your home and the land around it. Help protect your property by making sure there’s fuel in your tank and having the equipment routinely inspected.

To learn more about keeping your family comfortable, your wallet full, and your oil tank in great condition, contact Dwyer online. You can also give us a call at (215) 248-4300 and our customer service professionals will be happy to assist you!