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Heating Oil Delivery Made Easy

As the weather keeps getting chillier, homeowners throughout Eastern Pennsylvania are gearing up for another winter season. Along with colder temperatures, this time of year brings all kinds of distractions—storms, sick days, school vacations, holiday planning, and so on—making it tough to stick to a routine.

At Dwyer Oil, we’re here to help you simplify your winter to-do list. When it comes to keeping your fuel tank full and your home warm, sit back and relax with fully automated fuel delivery.

How Automatic Fuel Delivery Works

Based on your fuel usage history and our degree day calculations, we estimate each time you are due for an oil delivery over the course of the heating season. Our team schedules and completes your delivery automatically for total convenience.

Why Sign Up?

Skip the hassle of remembering to check your fuel tank levels, placing heating oil orders manually, and arranging delivery dates around your busy schedule. With automatic delivery, you can relax knowing that your fuel supply is in good hands.

  • Greater Heating Efficiency
    Just like filling your car’s gas tank, filling your home’s fuel tank when it’s near full or too close to empty can result in poorer fuel economy. Our team of experts will know the right time to make a delivery so that you are using your supply of heating oil as effectively as possible.
  • Better Winter Budgeting
    Having a more flexible budget would be ideal at any time of the year, but it especially helps around the holidays. Leaving your fuel delivery to the experts will help make the most of your heating season spending.
  • More Protection for Your Home
    Running out of heating oil can cause significant damage to your equipment and unnecessary safety hazards. Why risk it? With automatic delivery, there’s no need to worry about remembering when to order fuel.

Taking advantage of all these valuable perks is easy. Plus, this added convenience is no additional charge! Simply sign up and leave the rest to us this winter.