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Get Ready for Fall with Our Heating Season HOW-TO Guide

As summer winds down and we begin to prepare for cooler temperatures, now is the perfect time to think about your heating equipment. We’d like to share with you several ideas for getting the most out of your heating system this year.

old-20623_640Make Sure Your System Is Operating Safely
Schedule your annual tune-up now and rest assured for the months ahead. This quick and simple service can help protect you from unexpected service calls in the middle of the winter, prolong the lifespan of your heating equipment, and even reduce your fuel costs due to improved operation.

Determine If You Need to Invest in New Equipment
A new boiler or furnace can not only help you save fuel this winter, but it can also be an imperative safety measure, depending on the condition of your current equipment. A heating system upgrade is particularly important if your heating system is over 15 years old, if its efficiency is operating at less than 80%, and/or if its stack temperature is over 500°. If you are unsure about your equipment’s age or operating efficiency, a Dwyer Oil technician can assist you and recommend energy-saving upgrades.

Add Convenience to Your Fuel Deliveries
Become an automatic oil delivery customer for more convenient fuel deliveries and one less thing to worry about during the toughest weather of the year. We determine when you will need your next oil delivery and take care of the whole process – at absolutely no additional cost.

Spend Less on Oil in the Winter Months
Why pay for the entirety of your annual heating bills within a few short months? As a Dwyer Oil customer, you have the option to enroll in our budget plan, which spreads out your winter fuel bills over the course of the year. This plan makes budgeting for your fuel costs easier and it reduces the burden of paying for your full supply of fuel as it is delivered.

Avoid Unexpected Service Costs
Protect your heating equipment and gain greater peace of mind this fall. Our Energy Savings Plans include coverage for your system should you need a repair, replacement, or even emergency service. The plan options include your annual tune-up and efficiency test along with significant discounts for parts and labor. Don’t risk running into an issue with your equipment this heating season; enroll in an Energy Savings Plan and be worry-free throughout whatever this winter may bring.

For more information on any of these services or for additional ways to take control of your home heating this year, give our office a call.