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How a Heating Service Plan Saves You Money

Signing up for our Energy Saving Plan to protect your oil or gas heating equipment is a great idea for less worry and greater peace of mind each winter—but do you know how much it can benefit you when it comes to cost savings? Now’s your opportunity to learn!

It includes your annual tune-up.

Annual maintenance is essential if you want your heating equipment to run correctly and efficiently each year. This service, which you schedule and pay for before each winter anyway, is one of the services already included in your Energy Saving Plan coverage.

You’ll spend significantly less on service calls.

When scheduling an appointment for a heating system repair, customers often focus on the cost of the part itself and overlook that labor is also a major component of the final bill. Service plans that offer discounts on labor can save you up to 30% on your total service bill!

There’s no need to worry about costly parts replacements.

Similar to the benefit of labor discounts, our Energy Saving Plan includes a price reduction for parts in need of repair or replacement can save you a bundle—also up to 30%. This means that whether your tune-up and efficiency test diagnoses a major issue or suggests a small upgrade to improve system operation, you can rest assured that the fix can take place without breaking the bank.

The more systems you cover, the more you save.

Whether you heat your home with oil or gas, being an Energy Saving Plan customer means you can protect your primary heating equipment and additional energy systems for less. Receive a 10% discount on each plan with a multiple policy discount! Cover multiple heating system units of the same fuel type, systems of a different fuel type (available for oil, propane, or natural gas), air conditioning equipment, and heat pumps.

As the heating season rapidly approaches, early this fall is the ideal time to enroll in our Energy Saving Plan. Contact us and sign up today! When you do, sit back and relax all heating season long, knowing that your heating equipment is covered.