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UV Lights

Indoor air quality plays a major role in your family’s comfort and health. Did you know that there are ways to improve air quality in your home without breaking the bank? Here at Dwyer, our services extend beyond reliable heating oil, gas, and A/C services to encompass indoor air quality solutions. One of these easy-to-install solutions is the UV light air purification system.

What Is a UV Light Air Purifier?

UV Lights, also known as Ultraviolet Air and Surface Treatment Systems, have been used in medical settings for decades to reduce airborne contaminants. Today, this technology has been adapted to suit residential and commercial settings. Homeowners can have UV Light systems installed to purify indoor air of common airborne and surface pollutants.

In-Duct and Standalone Systems

Just like our heating and cooling equipment, Dwyer is proud to offer our customers only the best products available from the top manufacturers on the market. Our indoor air quality systems are no exception!  We are proud to sell and install in-duct and standalone UV light air purifier systems. When you invest in a UV light air purifier system, your family will benefit from:

  • Reduced amount of surface contaminants, such as mold
  • Minimize airborne pollutants
  • Improve overall indoor air quality
  • Stay healthy with clean indoor air