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Spring Is In the Air

Spring cleaning isn’t just for the inside of your home. Winter weather conditions can leave your house and yard looking pretty sad by the time the warm spring sun is shining down on your house. Make sure you take advantage of the warm weather to spruce up your home: 

Exterior Painting: Snow and constant moisture can damage even the best of exterior paint jobs. There will always be touch ups needed come spring. Keep a small can of the leftover paint for easy touch ups.

Windows: Install energy efficient windows or new siding to keep your energy costs low throughout the hot summer months. During the summer, energy efficient windows keep the cool in and the heat out. They can help keep your air conditioning system from working overtime, which keeps your energy bills manageable. 

Dry Walling: Spring is the perfect time to get those drywall projects out of the way. Leave the windows and doors open to help the drywall compound dry. It also makes it easier to brush the dust and drywall pieces out of the house when you are finished.

Landscape: Spring is the best season for growing your garden to its fullest potential. Lay down grass seed and trim the shrubs. It may be hard work, but it will be well worth it when you drive up to your house feeling proud of having the nicest yard in the neighborhood.

So open your doors and windows and spring into spring with some general outdoor and indoor clean up! When the first neighborhood block party rolls around, you’ll be happy you did.

Don’t forget – it’s the perfect time to get your air conditioner tuned up before the oppressive heat of summer is upon us. Call today to schedule your air conditioning maintenance.