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Spring Cleaning for Your AC

With beautiful spring weather finally arriving, it’s time to open up your windows and enjoy the fresh spring air; but before we know it, the oppressive heat of summer will be among us. Spring is the perfect time to check on your air conditioning unit. Don’t wait until the first heat wave. Here are a few tips for maintaining your AC:

  • Remove the protective cover from your AC unit before turning it on. If the unit has been disconnected for the winter months, allow 24 hours before use to ensure the compressor is warmed up.
  • Replace last season’s filters with new ones. For the best air flow and climate control, change these filters every 30-60 days. Dirty filters will put more stress on the unit as it works harder to produce cooler air.
  • Make sure your vents are open and clean with nothing blocking them for best air circulation.
  • Schedule your annual maintenance. Call Dwyer today at 215-248-4300.