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Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioner in 5 Steps

During the hottest days of the summer, the last thing you want to worry about at home is an issue with your air conditioning system.

Having A/C maintenance performed by an HVAC professional at the beginning of the season is an easy way to prevent breakdowns. However, especially with older equipment, it can be hard to predict if and when a malfunction might occur—even with a properly maintained system.

Be prepared for the unexpected. Here are five DIY ways to troubleshoot your air conditioning system if it acts up this summer before you think about calling the experts at Dwyer for assistance.

1. Make Sure A/C Is Turned On

There are often switches on both the indoor and outdoor components of central air systems. You may know that you’ve flipped the switch inside your home, but the outdoor equipment’s power may have accidentally been turned off.

2. Adjust the Thermostat

Is your thermostat set to a temperature higher than the room temperature? Make sure the setting is on a cooling mode. If manually adjusting the setting isn’t a success, see if the device needs new batteries.

3. Replace Air Filters

Regularly changing your HVAC equipment’s air filters can help out in more ways than improving your indoor air quality. Dirty filters can actually block the flow of air through the system, preventing it from delivering the cool air you expect.

4. Inspect Registers and Vents

Take a look at the system’s registers and vents. Can you see anything obstructing the area where cool air should exit? If so, remove the object(s) safely while the A/C is turned off.

5. Check Circuit Breakers

Your HVAC system may not be working because your home’s circuit breakers have been tripped. Check the circuit breakers and reset them, if need be. If this continues to occur, call an electrician to make sure the equipment and wiring is safe.

If you’ve tried out these tips and your air conditioning system is still not working, give our office a call! We’ll get your equipment up and running in no time.