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Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil in Pennsylvania

As of September 1, 2020, Pennsylvania has officially transitioned from traditional heating oil to ultra-low sulfur heating oil. What’s the difference between the two? Ultra-low sulfur (ULS) heating oil has just 15 ppm (parts per million) sulfur content, compared to traditional heating oil with 500 ppm sulfur content.  Research shows that heating oil with lower sulfur content produces significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions and airborne pollutants.
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How will this affect Dwyer heating oil customers? Not much at all! In fact, we at Dwyer have been delivering ultra-low sulfur heating oil for the past five years. We decided to make the switch as soon as we could in order to provide our customers with a high-quality heating fuel with additional environmental and efficiency benefits. We were ahead of the curve with ULS heating oil, and we are excited to see that the rest of the state is joining us on the road to cleaner energy.

ULS Heating Oil FAQs

Q: What is sulfur content?

A: Sulfur content is the amount of sulfur present in heating oil. This is measured by parts per million (ppm). ULS heating oil has just 15 ppm sulfur content, compared to traditional heating oil in PA which has 500 ppm sulfur content.

Q: What are the environmental benefits of ULS heating oil?

A: Researchers have found that lower sulfur content in heating oil significantly reduces the amount of sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide, and particulate matter emissions. These emissions have been linked to many environmental and public health issues. Fewer of these emissions in our air is better for our public health and the environment.

Q: Does ULS heating oil improve efficiency?

A: Because ULS heating oil has a lower sulfur content, it produces a cleaner burn which helps to increase thermal heat output. Sulfur, which naturally occurs in fuel, does not burn. As fuel burns, sulfur will build up on the heat exchanger, which insulates the heating system from the flame. Lowering the sulfur content of heating oil reduces the amount of sulfur buildup.

Q: Can I use ULS heating oil in my current oil heat system?

A: Yes. Ultra-low sulfur heating oil is compatible with current oil heating equipment.

Q: Does ULS heating oil cost more than traditional heating oil?

ULS heating oil prices are susceptible to change, like any other fuel on the market. In the long run, ULS heating oil provides customers with greater annual savings than traditional oil heat.

ULS Heating Oil from Your Trusted Energy Company

For the above reasons and many more, Dwyer has been proud to deliver premium ULS heating oil to our customers for the past five years. We look forward to doing so and continuing to advance our offerings to help our customers stay warm, save money, and protect our future. If you have more questions about ULS heating oil, please feel free to contact us. You can also request your next oil delivery right here in our website.