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A Warmer Winter and Falling Heating Oil Prices

snowy lampWe all remember last year–record breaking snowfall and seemingly endless cold. Well, it looks like the country is in for a bit of a break from the chill of last year, both in weather and in heating oil prices.

According to the US Energy Department’s annual outlook, experts are predicting that heating oil will see the biggest savings of all heating fuels with average household savings around $459–that’s a 25% drop!

This decrease is twofold. Firstly, because we will be experiencing a warmer winter, the expected amount of fuel needed to properly warm houses will decrease, leading to less fuel usage. Secondly, the downward track of crude oil (from $115/barrel in June 2014 to $50 in early October) will lead to ten-year lows in heating oil prices, particularly in northern states.

So, now, what are you heating your home with? If you think that your heating equipment is ready for an upgrade because it’s over 15 years old, then consider making the switch to heating oil if you don’t already have it and save between 7%-22% this winter on energy costs compared to propane, natural gas, and electricity.

Do you already have an oil-fired system in your home? With a newly installed unit, you can save about 30% on energy costs every year compared to your old equipment, so you are still ahead of the game.

So, stick with heating oil this winter and save money all year long with Dwyer!