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New Water Heater Standards: What They Could Mean for Your Home Comfort

While keeping both your home heating and cooling equipment up-to-date for their seasonal use is important year after year, make sure you are also doing so for appliances that use energy year-round.

Effective April 16th, 2015, the U.S. Department of Energy is requiring new efficiency standards for the production of water heaters. While homeowners will still be able to operate existing equipment for the time being, manufacturers can no longer produce water heating systems that do not meet the new requirements. The purpose of updating and adjusting these guidelines is to increase the efficiency of the equipment and more effectively deliver hot water to your home.

What are the new standards?

Water heaters of varying types—oil, gas, electric, and tankless—will now need higher energy factor (EF) ratings. The EF of a given water heater represents its efficiency in terms of how well your power source converts energy into the hot water you depend on for your faucets, shower, dishwasher, washing machine, and more. If your equipment uses a small amount of energy to deliver consistent hot water, your EF rating will be high; in other words, the higher your water heater’s EF rating is, the better quality your hot water output will be. 

What are the benefits for homeowners?

Your current water heating equipment may provide you with an adequate hot water supply, but just like any of your home energy systems, making a proactive upgrade can considerably improve your overall home comfort and peace of mind. Reduce the chance of needing an unexpected service call due to an issue with outdated equipment, and rest assured that your new system is safe for your family and your property. Your new, highly efficient system will reduce your fuel or electric costs, resulting in significant year-round savings.

As you utilize hot water in your home each and every day, make sure to keep your water heater up to date for your safety, comfort, and energy savings. Contact us to learn about the latest water heating products we offer or for more information on these updated energy efficiency standards.